Warehouse 421

Perfect Dry Cleaners on 10B St Across from Tea Town

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Christopher Benton_Perfect Dry Cleaners.

Found embroideries and safety pins, 160 cm x 120 cm. 2019

Old areas of the UAE are rapidly disappearing as neo-liberal forces modernize, gentrify, sanitize, and upscale the few remaining affordable neighborhoods.


This quilt is composed of discarded uniform embroideries from a now-defunct tailoring shop in Satwa, Dubai. Consisting of a patchwork of brand names from barbershops, restaurants and various other service industries, the piece forms an alternative map of Dubai featuring the various labor and businesses that help the city function.

Part of an ongoing series, these textiles also have an archival purpose: many tailoring shops in UAE have closed and several of the businesses whose logos appear in this quilt no longer exist today. Naturally, this has been accelerated by COVID-19.

Christopher Benton_Perfect Dry Cleaners_

Detail image


Research image. Demolition of Perfect Dry Cleaners on 10 B St

Perfect Dry Cleaners Original Location.j

Research Image. Map of former Location Perfect Dry Cleaners on 10 B St