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East East Vol. IV: The Curio Shop

Chritopher Benton wide install shot 1.jpg

Install Image. East-East Vol. 4: The Curio Shop. Curated by Sophie Mayuko Arni. 2021. Photo: Naoki Takehisa. HB.Nezu.Tokyo, Japan

For his debut presentation in Tokyo, Japan, Christopher showed a mixed media collection of textile, sculpture, and film works. Curated by Sophie Mayuko Arni, the exhibition aimed to create cross-cultural dialogues between the UAE and Japan, traveling in revised configurations across 3 locations, including BLOCKHOUSE, HB.Nezu, and ILY Art Hub. 

Christopher Benton, GCC Best Friend, 2018. Japanese kandora fabric. Photo_ Photo_ Naoki Ta

GCC Best Friends Kandura, 2018

Christopher Benton wide install shot 2.jpg

Install image. Tokyo, Japan

Christopher Benton, The Opportunity Pavilion, 2021. Detail view. Photo_ Naoki Takehisa.jpg

Opportunity Pavillon, 2021.

Christopher Benton. Photo_ Naoki Takehisa.jpg
Christopher Benton, GCC Best Friend, 2018. Detail view. Photo_ Naoki Takehisa.jpg


Curator: Sophie Mayuko Arni

Curatorial Assistant: Sherry Wu 

Graphic Design: Heijiro Yagi 

Photography: Naoki Takehisa

Exhibition Installation: Akira Sakashita, Yuu Takagi

Digital Exhibition Partner: Art Curator Grid

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