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Say No To Bachelors Thronging Residential Neighborhoods

Who Gets Paid for Digital Labor?

Film still. (2019) 12:36 minutes

“Say to No to Bachelors Thronging Residential Neighborhoods” is an experimental documentary celebrating the people, places and bedspaces that give life to Satwa (also known as Little Manila), one of Dubai’s most exciting—and endangered—communities.

Informed by the director’s own history living in the neighborhood and his attempt to remember its present, the 12-minute film combines cinéma vérité, architectural renders, TikTok videos, karaoke, and a generous week’s worth of handheld camera footage taken by Chirag, an Indian master tailor who is a relative newcomer to the city.

To watch the full film, please visit: https://youtu.be/5PytdzaMnPI

2-minute excerpt of film short, 2019

Film Poster, 2019

Miscellaneous Film Stills. 2019

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