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Al Rahba Carpet, 2019

In November 2020, a spectacular explosion was beamed into homes across the Emirates. Abu Dhabi’s beloved Mina Rashid port area was being redeveloped, and the first to go was the the Mina Plaza building complex, followed by the destruction of the plant souk and the fish market.

Pending destruction in the coming months is the Mina Carpet souk. It is the city’s last market dedicated solely to carpets and upholstery, and houses over 30 small businesses.

“Foamposites” is a memorial to this soon-to-be-demolished area, featuring sculptural totems constructed using discarded majlis foam from the City Style Furniture & Curtain shop.

Friends Carpet, 2019

Mina Carpet, 2019

Afghanistan Carpet, 2019


Research image. Abu Dhabi Carpet & Upholstery Market


Research image. Abu Dhabi Carpet & Upholstery Market

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