Peace Camp at Desert Louvre

Who Gets Paid for Digital Labor?

Part of the deal for building the Louvre Abu Dhabi is Camp Peace, a naval base joint operated by the American Navy, the French Foreign Legion, and the United Arab Emirates. 

If you visit Camp Arifjan in Kuwait, it's like an American suburb. There's a Chilli's, an AMC theatre, and even a fake Panda Express. 

Inspired by these and other commercial and militaristic entanglements, this photo series repurposes American military flags into cloth for the niqab. Willfully appropriative in its composition and authorship, critical questions of agency, violence and power emerge: how does the orientalist gaze contribute to quagmires like American intervention in the Middle East? How is conflict aestheticized? How is violence abstracted?

 © 2020 by Christopher Benton

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