Chirag's Things

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"Chirag's Things." Mixed media. 1m x 1m x 1m. Image Courtesy of Salama Foundation

The United Nations calculates livable housing using a simple formula: "bedroom size per square meter / number of people in room."

During site visits to dozens of bed spaces in Satwa, Christopher found a two-bedroom apartment that had 18 people in just one room. Using the UN’s metric for overcrowding, this sculpture illustrates at human-scale the amount of space one bachelor has in a bed space room that houses 17 other people.

The personal items inside the lucite box are generated from a list provided by Chirag, who stars in the complementary work “Stop Bachelor's from Thronging Residential Neighborhoods.” Items were purchased during a shopping trip between the artist and Chirag in the same neighborhood.

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PDF excerpt. Various definitions of overcrowding, WHO Housing Report 2018

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Film still from "Say No to Bachelors Thronging Residential Neighborhoods." Chirag takes us into his room in Satwa, Dubai

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